Filaree Farm

Filaree Farm is a small diverse orchard located on a bench of land above the Okanogan river valley. After more than 30 years as a certified organic farm Filaree has developed a rich living soil and large healthy trees. The seven acres of Filaree Farm are tended using a variation of swidden agriculture wherein crops are grown in long rotations of fruit, nut and shelter trees interrupted temporally and spatially by shorter periods and smaller plots of garden and pasture. Over time this system has proven capable of producing commercially viable quantities of marketable crops as well as some of the myriad other benefits of a forest including pleasant habitat for humans and other animals, firewood and lumber, local climate moderation and importantly the building of the soil through an increase in organic matter and soil life.

Filaree Farm currently offers over 30 varieties of heirloom apples beginning with Vista Bellas in mid July on through Knickajacks and King Davids in the late summer and well continuing into the fall with late season apples such as Winesaps and Arkansas Blacks. Peaches are available from mid July through September along with Nectarines and several varieties of plums. Please check in often because something new is ripening every week.

Since 2010 the farm has been owned and worked by JC Kauffman and his wife Amber Phillips. JC and Amber plan to continue the farm's tradition of growing beautiful fruit and havinga good time while we are at it.

For more information about our fruits and produce, please contact us at: